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My best pal at the office, that is also my own boss, was robbed in the airport lately. Fortunately for her, Homeland Security was nearby and stepped in. Ironically, though, exactly how is it that an armed guy was within a supposedly safe area full of Homeland Security? To add, how much more prone to threat could we be within the streets? How about within our houses? Right after my pal's misfortune, I looked into the police Tasers available on the market immediately since I got reminded that no person whatsoever is safe from danger. While browsing the web for work, I happened on talk of a police survey on which the quicker incapacitating tool was. Tasers creamed 9-mm. handguns, that I rather thought were the cops weapons of preference. Furthermore, Tasers work regardless of whether from near or fifteen feet away. Packed right into a Taser is a throw away cartridge filled with pressurized nitrogen. It shoots two little-prongs fifteen feet out via wires which affix them to the device. Against an assailant in close proximity, it works as a contact stun gun minus the wires. All that got me believing that there had to be police-grade models around. I got just the thing in the high-tech Taser X26C. The digital power magazine by which it operates is going to calculate its very own lifespan as well as monitor remaining energies. Furthermore, it makes use of upgradeable software program. The Taser deposits 50,000 volts towards the body, producing a quick loss of muscle control as well as balance. It builds on present electro-muscular disruption technology to be able to nullify any kind of resistence towards discomfort coming from electrical shock, irrespective of how high. Simultaneously, reliance on recognized stun gun technology guarantees that Tasers don't cause permanent harm. The results are non fatal and also fade away in thirty minutes, the best moment to escape along with contact 9-1-1. The moment I informed my boss-pal with regards to police Tasers as well as the Taser X26C which I acquired in particular, she mentioned her regret for never having looked into personal protection just before she could truly have utilized it.